Facebook-please help

I just spent about 20 minutes on Facebook. Based on postings from the last 24 hours, there are 14 people I would never invite for an interview. Their postings included swearing, speaking poorly of others and their beliefs, working somewhere only because they need cash, ripping on their employers, poor grammar, negativity and inappropriate pictures. Current and future job seekers…POOR FACEBOOK POSTINGS CAN AND WILL HURT YOU!

Hundreds of people often apply for a job. Potential hiring managers sift through resumes and then do a quick Google search. They are looking for both relevant skills and emotional intelligence; attitude, courtesy, social skills and communication. Those who pass both areas are brought in for an interview. Hiring managers know when people work for a company, they are the face of that organization. They don’t want their face to be a negative entity. Internet information never goes away. Even if a person isn’t job seeking today, they may be in the future. Then they are stuck with Facebook postings and pictures. 

On the flip side, many people posted kind, caring things about others and life in general. They portrayed energy, a good attitude, excitement, positivity and success. There are people that if their resume was relevant I would definitely look at them as a potential interviewee. We are God’s children and He is with us at all times. Unfortunately, too many people use Facebook as a place to complain, make fun of others be funny and be a tough guy, pushing God away. People get in Internet spats. But don’t stoop to that level. Romans Chapter 12 speaks about this more eloquently than I. The author, Paul, talks about being careful to do what’s right in the eyes of everyone. This rings true to all postings on Facebook. 

So if you are on Facebook, look to it as an opportunity to help others feel good, want to learn more about you, positively brand yourself and your loved ones and show yourself as a person anyone will be proud to call their employee.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is.” Romans 12:2

2 thoughts on “Facebook-please help

  1. How can you see their Facebook postings?
    I keep my FB setting private and only available to those I “friend” and not the general public. Plus, I never give out my FB to potential employers.


  2. The tough thing is your friends can share your postings, and then they are open to the planet. Anyone can type your name into Facebook, and even if they aren’t your friend and you’ve taken efforts to hide yourself, they can find you. Before calling someone for an interview, many do this. There are good articles written by social media experts who explain this better than I.


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