Small Signs=Big Jobs

When I dropped off my son at daycare, there was a funny smell in the air. When I asked why, his teacher said the coffee factory across the street sometimes emits an odor. My next question…WHAT COFFEE FACTORY? I’ve been by Custom Roasting hundreds of times but paid no attention to the unassuming building without a sign. The company name was on a little paper sign on a side door.

Businesses not catering to the public may have little need to promote themselves with local signs and ads. Their clients could be located throughout the globe. However, many have need for excellent local talent. People erroneously think jobs in the public eye are the only interesting ones. I’ve noticed people shy away from companies that create certain products. I hear “why would I ever want to work for a company that makes/sells (…fertilizer, machines, auto parts, etc., etc.) when I am kind of a girlie-girl?” However, some of these jobs can be well paying, exciting and you can look cute 100% of the time! Companies with no need for large signs on their buildings may hire sales representatives, event and job fair heads, business marketers, purchasers, controllers, technical gurus and IT guys. They may be ethical and allow for advancement.

Take after those who used to take Sunday Drives. Cruise around. If you don’t see a large sign on a building, look for a smaller sign somewhere or if you can see it, read what’s on the door. Pray to God to lead the way. A fun job may be hidden from your view, tucked away behind a small sign and unassuming building.

Thank you for reading.

Beth Husom,

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

One thought on “Small Signs=Big Jobs

  1. Definitely an interesting strategy. I’m looking for clerical and administrative jobs, so I can work for pretty much any company. This might be a way to find some smaller companies who are looking.

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