Let things go

65122658_201015347484128_4177091789959665271_nPeople have definite opinions regarding politicians, social issues, laws, change and more. It’s easy to see contrasts via media and in conversations. There are many opportunities to support different views and beliefs, and some get really involved. They seem to be getting meaner and people can feel a lack of control.

People may argue with those who feel differently. Some don’t let problems negatively affect days and don’t internalize issues. However, it’s common to feel mentally angry and even physically suffer when dealing with problems and negative situations. People may have trouble focusing on other aspects of life. This could make a job search tough. Even while searching for a protester stock photo for this blog post I even found myself getting irritated, and I can normally brush these things off. But some signs people held were so strong and mean against others.

If you get angry over issues or are in negative situations, it may be time to be a little selfish. Turn off the TV. Ignore negative social media or take a Facebook break; at minimum block those who regularly post disagreeing items. Don’t try to improve the universe. When possible, fix what brings you down or causes you to lose focus. Maybe find counseling if you’re struggling. Changes aren’t always easy but can help.

Instead of filling days with negativity, disagreements or problems, spend time finding great companies, making contacts, building relationships, discovering your strengths and pairing them with possible positions or job types that fit well. Ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile are top notch.

I don’t mean you should pretend things are perfect. I believe we are here to use our talents to be kind and help others. This in turn helps our self esteem and improves our life–look for a future blog on this. But while job searching, focus on the positive whenever possible. When we have a great job and are in a stable life environment, we are better equipped to deal with negative and tough life situations.

Good luck job hunting,

Beth Husom, GCDF

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