Should you Commute?

commuting-clipart-4Millions commute (sometimes long distances) to jobs. For instance: I live in Buffalo, Minnesota, 30 miles from Minneapolis. It’s called a “bedroom community,” “outer ring suburb,” or “collar community,” as many commute to the Twin Cities.

Commuting can be tough-high traffic, takes hours and lots of gas. Some CAN’T drive or don’t like it. Expand your mind. Learn your strengths. Look for companies closer to home. See where acquaintances work to ride share, or check out employers who give a 4 longer-day option. Some home-based positions pay well. Certain jobs formerly 100% onsite now offer flexibility to work from home in some capacity. If you can find something down the street, sneakers or a bike can replace  a car.

For instance; 3 of my neighbors work at home at least part-time. One is a Relationship Manager for a corporate insurance company. She worked onsite for 10 years. But in the last few, company executives let her work at home at least 4 days monthly, because lower commuting stress has increased job satisfaction, and thus performance. She’s now at the core of high client satisfaction and millions of dollars in profits.

Most openings aren’t published on job boards. We shine at numerous types of positions. Learn your strengths. Look to places you drive by each day and never notice, are in industrial parks, etc.–factories, production facilities, construction companies, plumbers, electricians, manufacturers, retail for corporate clients–type places. There are millions, and they employ marketers, sales reps, customer and client service specialists, IT experts, finance professionals, office administrators, buyers, and more. Look around, find them, check their websites, and make calls. See if there’s a fitting opening—it often doesn’t need to match past experience.

Many of my past clients found local jobs that perfectly fit their needs, desires, and high salary requirements. A few with a medical condition that wouldn’t interfere with their work ability but affected driving had feared Social Security may be their only option. They were thrilled to get jobs nearby that paid a ton more than Disability.

Some folks don’t mind commuting, and it doesn’t negatively affect their lives. Do what works for you. Just note: if you aren’t a fan of driving long distances, see if there are other options.

Good luck job seeking,

Beth Husom, GCDF

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