Jobs and Parenting

woman working from home, little daughter asking for attentionMy 7 year old had fun in KidKare last summer, and has finally adapted well this year. Earlier though, he said he was sick and pitched a fit on the way—completely unlike him. I never 100% sure found the reason. He didn’t say anything negative about the staff or attendees. I work from home. I believed it may seem to him like he could stay here as he loves his toys, biking, playing, the neighbors, his cousin, my dad, fishing, etc. KidKare is great and positive for him, so I’m glad he’s doing better.

I’m not alone. Juggling a job and kids can be tough. I’ve worked with many parents who: were going back to work for the first time after having children, had childcare dilemmas, were missing too much time with kids or couldn’t attend their games and events, and/or kids had issues such as a medical or behavioral condition that took too much time from their current job.

When job searching, ensure anything new will mesh with your personal family situation. Pre-find stable childcare. Make plans for situations such as ill children. Be ready and comfortable to place your children somewhere while you work.

Additionally, consider costs. A recent client and her husband worked full-time, Monday through Friday day hours. We found a 2nd shift, every other weekend job. It’s $20k less a year; however, they only need outside care a couple of hours weekly. They save over $1,800 monthly and spend a lot more time with their kids. It isn’t her dream job. However, parenting equals putting kids first.

Ahh, isn’t life easy?

Good luck job seeking,

Beth Husom

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