Amazing adventures

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Recently, my son, nieces and nephews, sister, and parents took a 4,000 mile road trip. Notice I didn’t say vacation. Vacations are more relaxing. With 9 people driving in a van, staying in hotels, visiting many sites, and getting a lot of activity such as hiking through the mountains, it wasn’t exactly relaxing. However; it was great.

One occurrence made our jaws drop. We visited the Luray Caverns in Virginia. My Dad didn’t want to go underground, so he hung in their coffee shop. After the tour, we joined him and he seemed in shock. Turns out, he saw over 100 high school kids and some adult chaperones enter. He asked where they were from. They said, “We are a high school band called The Herd, and are playing at a 4th of July Celebration at the White House, so we are touring events nearby. The Herd is from a school in Buffalo, Minnesota.”

Virginia and Minnesota are about 1,000 miles apart. Guess what…we are ALSO from Buffalo, Minnesota! We had no clue The Herd was playing at the White House. They were shocked as well. Pictures of my Dad with The Herd went wild on social media. What are the chances we’d run into each other? This was awesome and also a great reminder for job seekers.

Always be on your guard when job hunting. You may think, “well, I can do something or act a certain way because it’s far away from companies I’m applying to.”  However; you never know where potential interviewers are from or hang out. For instance; some commute many, many miles to work. You don’t know where their families and friends live. I’ve worked with thousands of job seekers. Items in many peoples’ personal lives have come back to bite them. Be professional everywhere; on social media, in person, when writing items such as reviews, or responding to situations. Be kind and look decent. Companies GOOGLE search potential employees. They want to ensure people they hire have high integrity. Some job seekers me this isn’t fair, but it’s life. Employees represent their companies 24/7 by their words and actions, even when they aren’t discussing work. Someone is rude and mean? Others may think their company is rude and mean. People can be trained on tasks, but it’s much harder to train on personality.

Good luck job searching.

Beth Husom, GCDF

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