Summer Searching

195-1956873_humidity-clipart-heat-wave-happy-summer-vacation-clipartIt’s HOT outside. Relaxing, but with tons to do; items such as vacations, lake fun, outdoor sports, yard work, events, and playing with kids. I love it (just drink a lot of water and change shirts 3 times a day), but some don’t function well when the temp is hot and humid. At times, this rolls over to the career field. Job seekers lose a little drive to research new professions and companies, make contacts, update their resumes, and dress nicely. Kind of the “kids are on summer break, so I should be on one too” mentality. Yet summer can be a wonderful time to get a new job. People tend to be happier and more energetic in sunny weather and you won’t get stuck in a snowstorm heading to work.

Luckily, we have air conditioning, so you can cool off inside and focus. Even if you aren’t a fan of the heat, work to maintain your job searching drive. There are more jobs than potential employees, and the economy is overall doing great. New businesses and popping up all over. Nonprofits are getting donations and support, so they tend to be hiring as well. Everything involved in schools are hiring, such as educational facilities from Pre-K to Universities, and bus/transportation companies.

Attend the zillions of local events and gatherings around, to meet people. There are fairs, outdoor concerts, BBQs, funs, fishing clinics, church events, volunteer projects, sporting events…the list goes on. Maybe join a neighborhood baseball team. Take some drives. Look at the small sign companies. Monitor yards closely, and see who’s doing what where. Check out event sponsors, and the back of 5k t-shirts.

Opportunities abound. Enjoy both summer fun and the professional possibilities.

Good luck with your job search,


Beth Husom, GCDF

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