Amazing love


You don’t know what you don’t know. For those of you who are parents: think of love. We love our family, friends, significant other, in-laws, people from church, etc. Yet when that baby arrives, life changes. We had no idea this level of love was possible. It can be amazing.

A person’s career can be along these same lines. Just like clothing, lots of shirts may but cute and look good on a person. Yet if someone only wears blue polos, they’ll never know. Many have no clue how many careers could be a fabulous fit, and you could love; perhaps even more than anything you’ve been a part of before. Also, many self-impose limits. Perhaps no one you know or in your family has never made over $30k a year. This may cause you not to even look at positions that pay $50k, although you could get and shine at such a job. Let’s say you have an accounting position and always worked in finance jobs. Perhaps from an early age, you have been labeled the math whiz. At age 40, a Communications position may not be on your radar. But this could be a field where you are amazing and love, more than any finance jobs you’ve loved before.

This is to take nothing away from finance positions. You still could love and shine there as well. But like parenthood, the level of love for a new field could have been previously unknown. So my suggestion: keep an open mind. Don’t limit yourself, based on your background, past employment, disabilities, family issues, lack of school, upbringing, life situation, or anything else. God made you for a reason. You have gifts and are important. And God doesn’t make mistakes.

Good luck job hunting,

Beth Husom, GCDF

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